High-Strength Steel

Steel is one of the world's most commonplace structural materials. No other material can meet as wide a variety of demands.

Steel plays a vital role in the development of society and is an indispensable material in many fields of application. Iron and steel have always been recycled and thus represent a natural part of modern, environmentally aware recycling society.

If an ordinary high tensile steel is replaced by super high-strength steel, less steel will be needed for carrying a given load. The weight of the part will thus be reduced. High-strength steels also enable better design features to be developed to achieve more rational and faster processes. Products can be made stronger, lighter and more profitable, with better performance and higher quality.

The Swedish Steel Prize was awarded for the first time in 1999. It is an annual prize which is destined to encourage all of those who open new paths - be they large or small - towards development and improvement.

The Prize

The Swedish Steel Prize is aimed to serve as an inspiration. It is intended to give glimpse of the endless potential offered when continual development of a material is combined with creative forces that are capable of putting to full use all of the opportunities presented by the material. The Swedish Steel Prize is an international prize. In essence, it can be won by anyone who has developed a product that includes high-strength steel or a method that expands the field of application for high-strength steels. The winners may thus be individual persons, companies or institutions.


Anything from a relatively simple new product that has proved to be of great value to an individual company, right up to complicated structures and methods of major importance to an entire industry can be entered for the Swedish Steel Prize The prize can also be won by anyone who has substantially developed or improved an existing product or method.

The Winner

Superior Trailer Works

Through innovative design of its interchangeable platforms, Superior Trailer Works has put the properties of advanced high strength steels to effective use. Better wear resistance provides reduced platform weight, higher payload and longer useful life resulting in greater economy for both the user and the manufacturer.

Superior Steel Journey
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